Make sure your newsletter has all the necessary elements

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Make sure your newsletter has all the necessary elements

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Depending on the size of your email list and the depth of your resources, you might want to create different newsletters for different segments. Most beginners — and those working in smaller departments — won’t have time to create content that’s personalized with that much depth. However, you should still use basic personalization, like customers’ names, to connect with readers.

Creating content regularly often leads to writer’s block. USA Phone Number List Don’t worry if you’re struggling — just refer to our list of 50 engaging newsletter ideas, which range from new product announcements to case studies to user-generated content. Or, you can check out some fabulous examples and get a breakdown of why they work from our list of 15 of the best email newsletter examples we’ve seen.

Make sure your newsletter has all the necessary elements
Email newsletters aren’t just about the body content. Don’t forget the other parts of your message. While they may take up less space, they’re just as essential to your newsletter’s success:


A subject line that follows best practices to boost your open rate
A preheader that complements your subject line and offers another hook
A CTA, whether you want readers to click through to your blog, send feedback, or engage in some other way
An email footer that helps you follow legal requirements and meet reader expectations
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