Kim Chaewon Says He Wants To Be A Reliable Leader Of LE SSERAFIM

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Kim Chaewon Says He Wants To Be A Reliable Leader Of LE SSERAFIM

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On Saturday (30/7/2022) Suomi reported that Kim Chewton LE SSERAFIM has participated in a recent photo shoot and interview for GQ Korea magazine! In the photo shoot, Kim Chewton looked very charming by wearing all black. He commented, “I've always wanted to try [ fashion ] styles like this, and I think that's why I enjoyed this photoshoot more than usual.” Kim Chewton then explained, “At some point, I realized that I had done some concepts over and over again. Therefore, I wanted to try a new style and I am quite satisfied with the result this time.” During the interview session, Kim Chewton shared a lot of his experiences being the leader of LE SSERAFIM. He commented, “I never thought.

about becoming the leader of a group, so I was surprised when I first heard about it.” In response to a question about how he adapted to being a leader , Kim Chewton replied, "It was a bit difficult at first because there were many situations where I had to take the initiative." He then added, “But I became more frequent as time [url]Industry Email List[/url] went on. That's when I realized I could actually do it." Kim Chewton then revealed that he really wants to become a reliable leader of LE SSERAFIM. He said, “I want the other members to feel comfortable around me and be able to talk to me about anything. In short, I want to be a leader that the members can rely on.


” When asked which member he is closest to, Kim Chewton replied, "I think I'm very close and dependent on Sakura, especially when I'm not sure about something, usually I'll just discuss it Sakura." Kim Chewton then discussed changing his hairstyle. He said, “I remember there were comments that said, 'This isn't the Kim Chewton I know.' Actually I've been wanting to hear comments like that before officially debuting. Once again, I'm very proud of myself for trying this short hairstyle." Kim Chewton also shared that his role model in the fashion field is Komatsu Nana, a Japanese actress and model. “I watch Komatsu Nana's style a lot because I like her. I'm a huge fan.” Kim Chewton's full photo shoot and interview results will be available in the August issue of GQ Korea magazine!
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